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Lifting Door

Industrial lift door is an ideal choice for all kinds of commercial and production sites , with strong abrasion resistance and ability to accommodate any structural building. In order to ensure the perfect product, long using life ,We have to integrate into the high strength materials in the modern science and technology elements . The special components are preset in the door and the guide rail system ,which greatly improve the reliability and the ear resistance of the door

Lifting Door

Product Features:Balance mode and service life

  • 1. Counterweight balance device, can permanently maintain the balance of the door, protect the driving part, the motor only need to do up and down directional work.

  • 2. Counterweight balance is not limited by the width and height of the door, the structure is simple, and small friction force.

  • 3. As the counterweight balance can be fully balanced the door, and not affected by external factors balance system, so that the service life of the door greatly improve , steel wire rope fracture device, when the steel stranded wire accident, this device can be clamped through the guide rail, effectively prevent the door fall.

  • 4. Door at the bottom of the resistance rebound device, the door in the fall encountered obstacles will automatically rise or stop, to avoid accidents.

  • 5. Safety flashing lights, flashing at the door to remind the past vehicle personnel attention.

  • 6. Wind resistance, when the door body reached a certain width, the design has external, reinforced tendons and wind column to ensure its strength, can resist instantaneous 10-stage wind.

Lifting Door

Special color also can be customized, please contact us.