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XueYu Cold Room Manufacturers

Guangzhou Xueyu refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, the company engaged in the refrigeration industry, which has lasted for many years , has developed into a collection development, production, sales, design, processing polyurethane modular cold storage in one of the professional company.

Our company's products are mainly divided into the following series: Polyurethane modular cold storage, civil type cold storage, cold room door, hinge door, lifting doors, free doors, electric translation doors ... products are widely used in hotels, hospitals, food, dairy products, agricultural products, seafood, farmers markets, logistics and other industries, the company with many years of pioneering and innovative, today's products have become a unique, sold to domestic and foreign markets!

XueYu Cold Room Manufacturers
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Polyurethane insulation panels technical features:

  • 1.Cold room panel with good thermal insulation performance of lightweight polyurethane material as inner material outside by color steel plate , stainless steel plate, aluminum plate of plywood board, can reduce heat transfer due to internal and external temperature difference, to achieve refrigeration, refrigeration system maximum efficiency.
  • 2.Cold Storage Board Thickness specification: 50mm, 75mm 100mm. 120mm,150mm,200mm
  • 3.Polyurethane thermal insulation board specifications: The standard library board width is 960mm, the height of 2 meters to 10 meters. (Another: According to your special requirements can also be customized)
  • 4.Polyurethane insulation board, simple structure, easy installation, lightweight, high-strength, beautiful appearance.

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