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Insulated Panels

PUR Panel or PU Panel

1. Multi-species, many specifications of the cold room board to meet your special needs and choices.

2. Variety material: color steel plate , stainless steel plate, embossed aluminum plate.

3. Specifications: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm .Standardized cold room, panel width of 960mm, length 2000mm to 12000mm.

Cold room plate Metal surface material selection:

  • A. Embossed Aluminum plate
    Aluminum Plate | Insulated Panels
  • B. Stainless Steel Plate
    Stainless Steel | Insulated Panels
  • C. Color Galvanized Steel Plate
    Color Plate | Insulated Panels
  • D. Standard Floor Board: 1.2mm galvanized Sheet
    Galvanized Sheet | Insulated Panels

Special color also can be customized, please contact us.

Thickness Applicable Temperature
50mm Above 5℃
75mm Above 5℃
100mm Above -28℃
150mm Above -35℃
200mm Above -45℃

Insulated Panels Thickness | Cold Room Panel