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Siding door and Electric sliding door

Application industry food, industry, supermarket, warehousing, pharmaceutical, logistics
Applicable environment cold room, frozen room
Guide device aluminum alloy production guide, composed of guide wheel device and a pressing wheel device.
Seal Made of EPDM, the good resistance to chemical stability, good durability aging performance, temperature adaptability, long-term working temperature is:-50℃ ~ + 130℃
Door frame the color plate foam door frame, aluminum alloy or C type steel stainless steel package, neat and elegant in appearance ,durable to overcome the low strength of the wood doorframe ,perishable shortcomings and self temperature limiting heater ,temperature control pr manual switch power supply is not needed.
Door panel the overall foam polyurethane panels, smooth appearance, good insulation performance , for lager doors foaming platelet first ,splice site door to ensure the performance and energy requirements.
Electronic control system Schneider brand electrical components to ensure the control system reliability and durability, PLC programmable controller ,the electric control system of the line greatly reduces external only connect to some of the switch quantity signal components and PLC .PLC signal acquisition and centralized processing ,door control to achieve the perfect.

Siding door and Electric sliding door

Function and advantages of the new semi-automatic door system

Traditional system: Using the turbine vortex rod deceleration ,synchronous belt transmission ,while the electromagnetic clutch to achieve automatic electric ,manual conversion ,to ensure the safety and practicality of the electric door.

New Semi-automatic door system

A new generation of gear-type deceleration semi-automatic system. Quiet operation, synchronous connection,. Left open type, right open type, and both left and right open type. The magnetic suction design of the door terminal, can achieve the door normally open state, no power supply, low malfunction, low noise and small friction, easy to install a new energy-saving environmentally friendly low-carbon products.

Closing speed stepless adjustment, closing buffer deceleration is widely used in railway hospitals, restaurants, schools, food factory logistics and other construction cases, by the customer's praise.

Energy saving and environmental protection innovation Low carbon

  • 1. No power supply, pure machinery, the use of gear and aluminum alloy rails with the rack to achieve a new concept of electric shutdown.
  • 2. Low-failure, low cost, energy-saving low-carbon, long service life, high quality protection.
  • 3. Widely used: it can be applied to wooden doors, iron gates and various door bodies.

Special color also can be customized, please contact us.