Monobloc Cooling Devices | Refrigeration Unit For Cold Room

Monobloc Cooling Devices (Cold Room Equipment)

Split machine is mainly used for a medium or larger cold storage and some small cold storage machine, which not suitable monobloc unit.

Main characteristic of the split machine is to optimize the design of all parts of refrigeration system, such as condenser, evaporator, fan, expansion valve and controller, to achieve the best use effect, and to avoid the influence on the refrigeration system caused by unreasonable selection.

The market share of the split unit is much larger than monoblock unit, the two may be 80% and 20% each. Because of the convenience of installation and use, cold chain, catering stores, medical libraries, the need for monobloc unit will grow larger and larger ,At present ,some professionals believe that ,All-in-one machine is suitable for small and medium sized cold storage.

Monobloc Cooling Devices