Evaporator/Indoor | Refrigeration Unit For Cold Room

Water Cooled

Water cooling unit use cooling water method, the pump,water tower and the circulating pipe cycle cooling down.

Water-cooled chillers need to be equipped with cooling towers, water pumps, circulating pipelines. From the structure ,water cooled is complicated by the aircooled.

Water-cooled annual water treatment costs are very high, but effect hard to reach 100% of the descaling.

Cooling water quality is the key. If the water quality is not processed, the refrigeration equipment and efficiency will be seriously damaged.

Water Cooled

Air Cooled

Air-cooled unit with air cooling (fan cooling)

Technical and economic analysis results show ,for the small and medium-sized refrigeration unit, air-cooled condenser is reasonable.

The longer the annual running time of refrigeration unit, the more advantageous the air-cooled condensation mode.

Heater defrost refrigerator evaporator is a kind of air cooling equipment suitable for various cold storages,such as frozen room ,quick frozen,cold storages room,fresh-keeping room.

According to applicable temperature , there are 3 types including DL DD DJ which are applicable to about 0℃,-18℃,and -25℃ cold storage rooms respectively.

Air Cooled

The air-cooled refrigeration unit is suitable for the region where the water source is tight;

The annual comprehensive cost of air-cooled refrigeration unit is lower than that of water-cooled system, but if the water cooling system is managed well and the amount is under 3%, the annual cost of water-cooled unit is lower than that of air-cooled system.

Air-Cooled chiller adopts air cooling mode, not necessary to water tower, cooling water pump and piping system, avoid poor water quality, condenser scaling, water pipe blockage, but also save water resources.

Currently, Air cooled is the most economical and simple of maintenance and repair.

Aluminum Tube

Aluminum tube: Mainly used in 10℃ to -45℃ cold storage of the evaporator in the refrigeration system.

In recent year, why more and more people like to use aluminum pipe as refrigeration system evaporator?

  • The evaporator of refrigerating system with aluminum pipes is more energy saving than steel pipe or air cooler, and can prolong the service life of compressor.

  • The heat conduction of aluminum pipes is rapid and uniform, which can improve the refrigeration efficiency:Aluminum Cold storage refrigeration system evaporator than steel pipe or air cooler can generally save more than 30%, this is mainly because aluminum alloy has a good thermal conductivity.For example, the same evaporation area, aluminum row weight is 17% of steel, Cold air accelerates to sink, convection is accelerated, cooling speed is accelerated and food consumption is low.

  • Low dosage of refrigerant, low cost

Aluminum Tube

Aluminum Tube